Saltbush & Rosemary Mealworm Snack

Saltbush & Rosemary Mealworm Snack

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Our roasted mealworms with saltbush and rosemary is one of our favourite flavour combinations and will remind you of your Mum's Sunday Roast. They work great as an afternoon snack and will give you a much needed pick me up with a fantastic protein and B12 brain boost. 

Saltbush is a fantastic Aussie Native which has a subtle salty, earthy flavour and is high in protein, minerals and antioxidants.  

The mealworms are high in protein, calcium and amino acids and the yummy flavour coating gives them a salty and satisfying taste that will keep you going back for more. The mealworms have the delicious crunchy texture of rice bubbles, so make a great addition for a healthy kids lunch box. 

Available in 20g stand up pouch. 

Ingredients- Mealworms, Coconut Oil, Saltbush, Rosemary.