School & Club Fundraising

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Sick of selling chocolates for to raise money? 

Ask your community to hop on board, raise money for your school or club and learn all about the future of food at the same time. 

We customise your fundraising order to suit your needs, but our high protein cricket corn chips are our most popular pack. 

Cricket corn chips come in mixed carton flavours (30 packs per carton), with a potential profit of $75 per carton.

Purchase in advance to sell in your community, or have the option of no upfront outlay (you can order what you've already sold). 

Our Cricket Corn Chips are made with all natural ingredients, and are high protein, calcium, B12, Iron, Zinc, Omega 3 and Amino Acids. They are delicious, healthy snack and make a great addition to lunch boxes. 

Other options include snack crickets (carton size 50 units mixed flavours) potential profit $250 per carton and edible insect marshmallows. These products contain whole flavours crickets and mealworms, and are a great way to start a conversation around edible insects and our future food system. 

With a delicious, healthy product and a low sell price, your community will be bugging you for more. 

All packs contain note and email templates (which contain some of the most commonly asked questions), and our products have a QR code on the back which customers can scan so learn more about how we farm edible insects and why they are becoming an important part of our food chain. 

Contact us and we can customise your fundraising pack to suit your needs.