School Programs

Are you learning about the future of food and would like to give your students a taste of something new? Virtual incursions are now available world wide and are a fun and memorable way to learn more about edible insects

Our school programs have been running in schools since 2007, and each interactive incursion is customised to to suit the level of your students, as well as the topics they are currently learning about. 

We strive to make a real difference to your students understanding of edible insects, and the role they will play in out future food system. Each package is customised to suit your individual requirements, but some examples of items that can be included;

  • We will connect with your classroom over your chosen meeting platform (Zoom, Skype, Google Hang Out etc). Where your students will receive a detailed, interactive presentation from one of our edible insect farmers.  (On site incursions are also available for schools in NSW)
  • Samples can be provided in advance, so the students can try these during the time of the incursion. These may include items like cricket corn chips, BBQ flavours crickets or edible insect marshmallows. 
  • Older students might enjoy cooking with some of our cricket powder, so there is an option to provide some recipes for them to try in advance (or after the presentation). 
  • Follow up activities and lesson plans customised to your requirements. 

During the presentation, students will get the unique opportunity to learn about how we sustainably farm edible insects, ways in which they can be used in our diet, as well as health, nutrition and sustainability. 

Prices start at just $250 so please contact us for a quote. 

School fund raising packs are now available. Help educate your local community and raise funds for your school in a new and exciting way! Contact us for more details. 

“Learning about the captivating subject of edible insects from local entomologist Skye Blackburn was absolutely life-changing. Regarding human consumption of insects, Skye taught me about how relevant and important this practice is; for nutritional, environmental, sustainable, cultural and historical reasons. She encouraged me to look into my own Chinese heritage, where we have been eating insects for thousands of years and this in turn led to the creation of new dishes for my menu. I think what is so amazing about Skye is her exceptional ability to make this often ’taboo' subject so accessible to all. She is a natural teacher and her inquisitive, brilliant mind and genuine desire to share her knowledge with others, with the hope of making this world a better place, is inspirational. Before I met Skye I suffered from entomophobia, an extreme and persistent fear of insects. Now, I look upon them with sheer curiosity, fascination and appreciation.” - Kylie Kwong

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