Honey Bug- Enriched with Cricket Protein

Honey Bug- Enriched with Cricket Protein

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We've teamed up with the bee-lightful team at The Honey Thief to create a one of a kind collaboration.

We've taken the richness of The Honey Thief Australian creamed honey and elevated it to new heights by enriching it with our premium Circle Harvest cricket protein powder. The result? A delectable fusion of flavour and nutrition that's set to revolutionise your culinary experience.

What's All the Buzz About?

A Unique Fusion of Sweetness and Nutrition: Honey Bug combines the natural sweetness of The Honey Thief creamed honey with the nutritional prowess of cricket protein powder. It's a harmonious marriage of taste and health benefits that's bound to captivate your taste buds. It's honey with a hop. 

The Bees Knees of Nutrition! Not only does Honey Bug taste amazing, but it's also a nutritional powerhouse. Packed with vitamin B12, iron, and zinc, it offers a boost to your overall well-being while satisfying your sweet cravings. It's the buzz-worthy treat you didn't know you were missing.

Sustainability Takes Flight! As the founders of Australia's first insect protein farm, we're committed to ethical and eco-friendly practices. The Honey Thief With Honey Bug, you're joining the movement for a greener and more sustainable food future.

Versatile, Bug-tastic Goodness! Whether you stir it into your morning tea, spread it on toast, or blend it into your favourite smoothie, Honey Bug's versatility knows no bounds. Get creative and explore new ways to enjoy this one-of-a-kind treat.

A World-First Innovation: Honey Bug is pioneering the way forward in the culinary world. This is the first time cricket protein has been used to enrich honey, making it an exclusive creation you won't find anywhere else.

Don't be bugged by ordinary honey – choose Honey Bug and embark on a delightful, nutritious adventure! Get your jar today and taste the difference that cricket protein can make.

From our hive to yours, The Honey Thief & Circle Harvest invites you to dive into the world of Honey Bug – where flavour, nutrition, and sustainability all come together in one irresistible jar. Get ready to "bee" amazed! 🐝🦗

Meet The Honey Thief: Our Sweet Partner in Crime! 🍯🐝

We've teamed up with The Honey Thief, and let us tell you, it's a match made in honey

Honey Thief Logo

🍯 Honey That's Truly Bee-rilliant! 🐝

Their honey is nothing short of bug-tastic, and it's not just because of the bees! By blending traditional beekeeping wisdom with slow food techniques, they've created honey products that are as conscious as they are delicious.

🍯 A Sweet Embrace of Sustainability! 🌱

In a world where the environment is facing unprecedented challenges, The Honey Thief has taken a bold step. They've abandoned the fast-food buzz and embraced the slow, local approach to crafting their honey. It's all about creating a hive-to-customer experience that brings the community together through the joy of fresh, local produce. 

🍯 Sharing the Sweet Story! 📖

For The Honey Thief, it's not just about honey; it's about sharing the journey. They love engaging with people and weaving the tale of their honey-making adventure. Their desire is to create enduring value, and what's more enduring than pure, real honey from their own region?

🍯 Passion for Change! 🌟

The Honey Thief isn't just in it for the honey – they're on a mission to inspire change. They're all about gathering passionate souls who are dedicated to making a positive impact. Together, they're crafting products that are nothing short of a beehive of positivity.

So, if you're looking for honey that's as sweet as can be and as conscious as can bee, look no further than The Honey Thief. It's a partnership that's dripping with honeyed goodness and a shared commitment to a better food future. 🍯🐝

Honey Bug comes in a 220g glass jar.