High Protein Baking flour

High Protein Baking flour

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We’ve made it easy to bump up the nutrition in your favourite home recipes by substituting our Aussie farmed Baking Flour for regular plain flour in your baking.

You can use this flour anytime a recipe calls for plain flour. The cricket powder gives your baking more protein, calcium, magnesium and B12 Vitamins than regular plain flour.

Our crickets are farmed in Australia using imperfect fruit and vegetables as feed. Our super sustainable farming process means we can farm lots of our alternative proteins in a small space, with very little stress on our planet.

Use as a 1:1 substitute when a recipe calls for plain flour. 

You can hop up the nutrition in your cookies, pancakes, breads and pastries with the addition of our protein enriched baking flour

Ingredients: Australian Wheat Flour, Australian Cricket Protein Powder Acheta Domesticus (10%).

People that have an allergic reaction to SHELLFISH or CHITIN can have a similar result them consuming insects. Contains wheat (gluten)