Cricket Seasoning Salt

Cricket Seasoning Salt

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Elevate your culinary adventures with Circle Harvest Cricket Seasoning Salt, a culinary masterpiece that brings together fine Himalayan pink salt, Australian farmed cricket protein powder, zesty lemon, and smoky chipotle chilli.

Inspired by Mexican Sal Con Chapulin, we've added an Australian twist to this classic Mexican seasoning. 

ENHANCE THE TASTE: Our cricket seasoned salt is a true flavour enhancer, designed to elevate your meals to new heights. Whether you're grilling meats, preparing tacos, tossing salads, or indulging in fresh fruits and veggies, our artisanal cricket salt adds that extra burst of zest your dishes deserve. With Circle Harvest, you can experience the exquisite flavours right in your kitchen.

AMAZING WITH COCKTAILS: Cricket seasoning salt the perfect companion for mezcal and tequila enthusiasts. A rim of cricket salt enhances the flavour of your favourite cocktails (and is fantastic with margaritas), creating a sensory experience like no other. Try it with mezcal and a slice of orange for a delightful twist. Additionally, it adds a flavourful touch when sprinkled over orange or lemon pieces. 

Circle Harvest Cricket Salt is not just a seasoning; it's a culinary adventure waiting to be explored. 

This product comes in a 120g stand up, resealable pouch. 

Ingredients- Fine Himalayan Pink Salt, Chipotle Chilli, Australian Farmed Cricket Protein Powder (SHELLFISH), Lemon 

People with an allergy to SHELLFISH or CHITIN can have a similar response when consuming insects.