Cricket Protein Powder 200g
Cricket Protein Powder 200g

Cricket Protein Powder 200g

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Prepare to meet your new protein superhero - Circle Harvest Protein Powder, powered by our incredible Aussie farmed crickets! This little ingredient is the secret to a healthier and more sustainable diet.

🦗 Crickettastic Source: Our 100% Aussie farmed crickets are raised with love and care right here in Sydney. They dine on a nutritious feast of rescued fruits and veggies, giving them all the goodness they need to become your favorite protein source.

🌱 Clean and Green: We're all about being eco-friendly. That's why we're proud to say that our cricket farming uses minimal energy, water, and land, making it one of the greenest and cleanest protein sources around. We're talking about a tiny ecological footprint that Mother Nature herself would applaud!

🌍 Nutrient Treasure Chest: Each 20g serve of our cricket powder packs a punch with over 13g of digestible protein, along with calcium, iron, and a whole bunch of essential micronutrients. And that's not all - it's loaded with B12 and B2 vitamins, plus 3 times the Omega 3 content of salmon! No added salt or sugar - just pure cricket goodness.

🍽️ Fuel for Life: Including protein in your diet isn't just about muscles; it's about maintaining a healthy weight, keeping hunger at bay, and even boosting concentration. It's like a mini workout for your body!

👩‍🍳 Cooking Adventures: Check out our recipes section for creative ways to add cricket powder to your everyday cooking. Whether it's cookies, bread, curries, or brownies, you can enrich your favourite recipes with this wholefood, alternative protein.

Grab a resealable pouch of Circle Harvest Protein Powder and let the cricket-powered, eco-friendly, protein-packed adventure begin! It's time to hop into a healthier and more sustainable diet, one meal at a time.

Please see our recipes page for ways to use your powder. Please note- You can not use this as a replacement for wheat flour.  

Ingredients: Australian Farmed Crickets Acheta Domesticus 100%

Allergen Information: People who have a SHELLFISH or CHITIN allergy can have a similar reaction when consuming insects.