Cricket Choc Chip Wattle Seed Cookie Mix

Cricket Choc Chip Wattle Seed Cookie Mix

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Get ready to hop into the world of Crickettastically Delicious Cookies! Our Choc Chip & Wattleseed Cricket Protein Cookies are the real deal when it comes to flavour, nutrition, and all things crickety fun!

🦗 Crunch and Munch: We've jazzed up these cookies with our Aussie farmed cricket protein and native wattleseed, making them the ultimate nutrient-packed snack. The wattleseed brings that delightful crunch and a chocolaty twist, while our cricket protein adds a generous dose of extra protein, B12, and micronutrients to this scrumptious treat.

🍪 Easy Peasy Baking: No need to go all fancy-pants in the kitchen! Just one egg, 60g of softened butter, and you're on your way to cricket cookie heaven. You can also use your favourite butter and egg substitutes. 

🍪🦗 Protein-Packed Bites: With 5.9g of protein in each serving and a whopping 46% of your daily Vitamin B12 needs, these cookies are like a cricket-powered protein punch that's both delicious and nutritious.

They're the perfect cricket-inspired treat that'll have you chirping with happiness

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wholemeal wheat flour, dark chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, milk solids) (17%), coconut sugar, monkfruit with erythritol, cricket protein powder Acheta domesticus (8%), vanilla, wattleseed (3%)

People that have an allergic reaction to SHELLFISH or CHITIN can have a similar result them consuming insects. Contains wheat, milk, soy.