Cinnamon Churros Mealworm Snacks

Cinnamon Churros Mealworm Snacks

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Guess who's buzzing back into the spotlight? It's our fan favourite – Cinnamon Churros Mealworms! If you've got a sweet tooth, these little critters are sure to make your taste buds do the mealworm hustle.

🐛 Protein-Packed Pals: These mealworms are more than just a crunchy snack; they're high in protein, calcium, omega-3s, and amino acids. It's like a protein party in every bite!

🍬 Sweet Treats: With a delicious flavour coating that's oh-so-satisfying, these mealworms will have you coming back for more, no churro cart required!

🥄 Texture Delight: The roasted mealworms are like nature's rice bubbles, adding a delightful crunch to your snacking adventure.

Eat them straight out of the bag, add them as a nutritious topper to your ice cream or morning granola. 

So why wait? Grab your pack of Cinnamon Churros Mealworms and let the flavour fiesta begin! They're the perfect companions for a fun, insect-inspired snacking experience that's sure to keep you buzzing with joy.

Available in 20g resealable stand up pouch. 

Allergens- People that have an allergy to SHELLFISH or CHITIN can have a similar reaction when eating edible insects. 

Ingredients - Mealworms, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Cinnamon.