Ant Seasoning Salt 40g

Ant Seasoning Salt 40g

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Looking for a gift that's as unique as it gets? Look no further, because our Ant Seasoning Salt is here to spice up your life with some bug-tastic flavour fun!

🐜 Ant-icipate the Flavour Explosion: Our Ant Seasoning Salt isn't your ordinary condiment; it's a culinary adventure waiting to happen. Whether you're grilling up some juicy meat, tossing together a fresh salad, or whipping up a hearty soup, our ant seasoning will transform your dishes into an unforgettable experience.

🐜 Ant-ertainingly Unique: The secret to our sensational flavour? It's all in the ants! These little critters pack a punch with their unique citrus zing, thanks to the acid inside their bodies. Did you know different ant species bring distinct flavour profiles to the table? It's like a bug buffet for your taste buds!

🐜 Ant-spired Wellness: Ants have been buzzing around Chinese Medicine for over two centuries, and health enthusiasts sing their praises for skin, liver, and overall vitality. We're not health practitioners, but we can vouch for the deliciousness factor!

🐜 Homegrown Goodness: We're proud to farm Australian Tyrant ants right here in Western Sydney. Our insects are raised with care and quality in mind, so you can enjoy the finest ant-inspired flavours. 

🐜 Fun-Sized Flavour: Our product comes in a handy 40g pack size, sealed in a resealable stand-up pouch, ensuring your seasoning stays fresh and ready for your next culinary adventure.

Ready to sprinkle some ant-astic excitement into your meals? Don't wait, grab your pack of Ant Seasoning Salt today and let the flavor exploration begin! It's the perfect gift for those who crave culinary adventure! 🎁🐜✨

Allergen information: People who are allergic to shellfish or Chitin should not eat edible insects, as they can have a similar reaction. 

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt (98%), Tyrant Ants (2%)