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Real Ant Candy 10g
Real Ant Candy 10g

Real Ant Candy 10g

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Our ant candy 10g packs are hand made in Australia and contain real tyrant ants. If you’re looking for a unique gift or promotional items, our ant candy will definitely be a talking point! There’s even a cute candy ant design in the centre, which has been hand created by the amazing sugar artists by hand. 

Our Aussie farmed tyrant ants have a unique citrus flavour and a poppyseed texture, and are scattered throughout the candy for an awesome zingy hit.

Ant Candy 10g comes in a premium pouch with a clear front window.  Colour and size can vary slightly because this item is handmade. 

Allergen statement: People with an allergy to SHELLFISH or CHITIN can have a similar result when consuming insects. 

We can customise colours and flavours of this item for larger orders. So please contact us for more details.