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Cricket Choc Chip Wattle Seed Cookie Mix

Cricket Choc Chip Wattle Seed Cookie Mix

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Our Choc Chip & Wattleseed Cricket Protein Cookies have an awesome chewy texture and have been enriched with our Aussie farmed cricket protein and native wattleseed, to make them more nutrient dense. The delicious wattleseed provides a little crunch and a chocolatey flavour, while the cricket protein adds extra protein, B12 and micronutrients to this little scrumptious treat.

All you need are 1 egg, and 60g softened butter.

Each serve has 5.9g protein and 46% RDI Vitamin B12

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wholemeal wheat flour, dark chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, milk solids) (17%), coconut sugar, monkfruit with erythritol, cricket protein powder Acheta domesticus (8%), vanilla, wattleseed (3%)

People that have an allergic reaction to SHELLFISH or CHITIN can have a similar result them consuming insects. Contains wheat, milk, soy.