Chilli & Garlic Crickets
Chilli & Garlic Crickets

Chilli & Garlic Crickets

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Prepare to be delighted by our Crunchy Roasted Crickets, where chilli and garlic join forces to create a flavour fiesta that's just the right amount of spicy and oh-so-delicious!

🦗 Flavour-Packed Fun: Our crickets bring the heat without overwhelming your taste buds. They're like the life of the cricket party, with chilli and garlic providing a flavour combo that'll have you cheering for more!

🦗 Protein Powerhouse: Need a healthy protein punch while on the move? Look no further! Our Circle Harvest Snack Crickets pack a whopping 12g of digestible protein per serving, perfect for fueling muscle growth and keeping you energized.

🦗 Sugar-Free Snacking: Snack guilt-free! Our cricket packs are free from added sugars, so you can enjoy all the flavor without any of the sweetness.

🦗 Nutrient-Rich Nibbles: These little cricket wonders aren't just about protein; they're bursting with essential micronutrients like potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and manganese. Plus, they're loaded with B vitamins and essential fatty acids for a nutrient-packed crunch.

🦗 Small But Mighty: As the saying goes, "Good things come in small packages!" Our Snack Cricket Packs are proof that delicious, nutritious snacking can be fun-sized and fabulous.

Ready to take your snacking to a whole new level of crunch-tastic joy? Dive into the world of Circle Harvest Snack Crickets and savour the goodness that comes in small, cricket-shaped packages!

Each pack contains approximately 30-40 roasted crickets. This is a ready to eat product, so can be eaten as supplied. Pack size is 1 x stand up, resealable pouch 20g weight. 

Allergen Information: People who are allergic to SHELLFISH can have a similar reaction when eating edible insects

Ingredients :
Cricket (shellfish) (99%), Coconut oil, Garlic, chilli, salt