Christmas Gift Pack- Edible Insects

Christmas Gift Pack- Edible Insects

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Bug the one you love this Christmas with a delicious edible insect gift pack. 

Pack comes with a selection of our top sellers

Pack contains- 

  • 1 x 50g pack cricket protein corn chips 
  • 1 x 20g pack mealworm snacks
  • 1 x 40g pack Cricket Seasoning Salt
  • 2 x 10g packs Real Ant Candy
  • 1 x Twin pack Choc Chip & Wattle Seed Cricket Protein Cookies
  • 1 x 220g jar Honey Bug (Honey Enriched with Cricket Protein)
  • 1 x Circle Harvest Tote Bag

In a gift box with a discount card. 

Flavours of chips, mealworm snacks and snack crickets are chosen at random.

This product is made in Australia from Australian ingredients.